Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July - Pictures from the farm

Oh if only there was smell-o-vision!

Even though it's down wind from the newly turned compost piles, the nasturtium flower tunnel smells amazing!

Also quite fragrant are the two, count them two, greenhouse buildings that are quickly filling with freshly harvested garlic. They will dry out in the dry heat for 2-3 weeks, then the Italian hardneck & Porcelain varieties will be cleaned & trimmed for the familiar garlic bulbs, while the Nooksa Rose will be cleaned and then braided.

My most favorite smell today was the fennel field. It smelled like candy - like licorice. And it is so lovely and soft looking!
Now on to more mouthwatering pictures - can't you just taste the chard,

cabbage, kale,



tomatillos, watermelon, sweet corn,and celeriac? I can't even believe how much I miss celeriac!

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