Monday, July 28, 2008

Glove Nest

This spring I noticed that a house wren had built a nest under the eaves of my little cabin. I didn't mind at all, they have a lovely song and were pretty friendly. Since the nest was right by my front door, I didn't want a bird who would swoop at me and try to scare me away from her eggs or anything.

I have a clothesline strung across my porch for drying my bathtowels in the morning or my socks after a tramp through the creek. Lately, as I've been hanging my towels in the morning, I've been startled by a little birdy flying away from the porch. I've thought to myself "Oh my gosh - am I that sleepy and unobservant that I didn't even notice the little wren on the line?"

Then yesterday I was enjoying a lazy Sunday, finishing "The Milagro Beanfield War" on a chair on the porch, occasionally snoozing in the sun. I was taking a break from all that and enjoying the view of my overgrown garden and maybe watching the goat drama unfold in the pasture on the hill (a couple kids jumped the fence and couldn't figure out how to get back in where everybody else was - what an unholy racket those goats make when separated!), when I finally saw the secret. The wrens had a Glove Nest (get it?) in my gardening gloves, also hung on the line. Obviously, my garden has been a bit neglected if I've given wrens enough time to build a nest in my gloves. There were four eggs in there today!
I did get out to the fields on Saturday, in an effort to tire out the rambunctious, teenage puppy, Captain Jack. Richard was at Market and Andrea was visiting a cabin up north, so it was just me, the dog, and pretty much a full crew at work in the fields. I usually try to stick pretty close to home on Saturdays so I can check on messages from the Madison CSA deliveries. It's been going really well, though! No calls or emails on Saturday about missing boxes or CSA members who can't find the pick up site. Very awesome.

Out in the fields, we found some lovely melons, jalapeƱo and Italia peppers, and eggplant blooms. We actually got to try some of the melons today, at lunch. Yum.

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