Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everybody Loves Jack

I can dive for rocks in puddles and creeks of any depth
 Meet Captain Jack de Wilde, the official Hospitality Coordinator at Harmony Valley Farm.  Somebody quick, make him a cape!  Besides somehow being so dang cute all the time, he does put in a full day at the farm.  Read all about it in this week's CSA newsletter!
Very Zen in the snow

I love winter.  Throw me some snow.

Total spaz.

Jack and his friend Joe

I am proud to represent the best farm ever, Harmony Valley Farm

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet the Crew: Packing Shed Supervisors Logan & Jenny

This spring we had the opportunity to hire not one, but two great people!  Jenny and Logan joined our packing shed crew within weeks of each other.  They’ve both fallen into their roles here based on their varied skills and interests.  While they both share the job of packing shed supervisor, they also have their own responsibilities.  They have been a tremendous help with maintaining inventories, receiving product, managing pest control, monitoring and enforcing food safety procedures and records, managing seeds, ordering supplies, and much, much more!  We’re glad to have them both as part of our team.
We asked them to interview each other for this week's CSA Newsletter.