Monday, June 27, 2011

Living Piggy Lives

The pigs were just too cute today. I had to take a few pics of them!

At first, they weren't too sure about me... they maintained a safe distance.

But then their curiosity got the best of them...

Hoping to find some snacks!

I had to reward their trust with some left overs from lunch.
These piggies eat well!

After their photo shoot, they were simply exhausted. Nap time!

Friday, June 24, 2011

menu for June 27-July 1

Another week has flown right by. A rainy week but that doesn't stop the flurry of activity at Harmony Valley Farm. Time to post the next weeks menu.
Monday-Orange beef and barley stew*Leafy green salad with grapes*biscuits and jam
Tuesday-Hamburgers and rolls with condiments and cheese*Roasted Potatoe salad*Strawberry Ice Cream
Wednesday-Chipotly Beans, Rice and Tomatoes*Corn muffins* fresh fruit* Vegetable and greens salad with creamy vinaigrette
Thursday-Vegetable and beef lasagna*Whole wheat rolls*Leafy green salad with fruit
Friday-Pulled pork wrap with slaw*Pasta salad with vegetables*fresh fruit

Monday- test recipes
Tuesday-Chefs choice
Wednesday-Pepper steak with mashed parsnips and carrots
Thursday-Stir-fry with vegetables and cashews*fresh green salad
Friday-Pot roast with loads of vegetables

Monday, June 20, 2011

menu for June 20-24

MONDAY-Grilled Flank Steak*Creamed Baby Turnips and Radishes*Onion Batter Bread*Fresh Grapes
TUESDAY-Pit cooked Goat*Tortillas*Vegetable Couscous*Green salad
WEDNESDAY-Vegetable Au Gratin*Fruited Quick Bread*Red and Green Leaf lettuce Salad with nuts, seeds, and creamy vinaigrette
THURSDAY-Beef and Vegetable Kabobs with mushrooms*Basil Rice with greens, almonds, raisins and garlic*Lettuce salad with citrus vinaigrette
FRIDAY-Lentals a Ditalini pasta with Ham*fresh green salad * Nectarines

Monday-test recipes for broccoli raab
Tuesday-Egg yolk raviolis and beef cheeks
Wednesday-Spare ribs with Kohlrabi batonnets
Thursday-Salmon patties, rice pilaf, steamed vegetables
Friday-Cajun beef wraps with sauteed onions, fruited Quinoa

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

98 degrees and climbing ( or so it seems)

The sun is beautiful but so hot the last two days. I think I could put the crews lunch on the picnic table and it would cook itself in the sun. At least in the kitchen (although it is hot) I don't have the sun beating on my head like the crew does. They are holding up amazingly, drinking lots of water and wearing hats. Tomorrow will be 89, a cool down.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coming Soon

Andrea just put the preliminary box plan on my desk.  If all goes well, here's what you'll see in your upcoming CSA boxes!
June 16-17-18
Garlic Scapes, Scallions (white or purple), Strawberries, Mini Green Romaine Lettuce, Mini Red Leaf Lettuce, Bok Choi, Yukina Savoy, Spinach

June 23-24-25
Garlic Scapes, Sugar Snap Peas, Scallions, Kohlrabi, Fennel, Mini Red Leaf Lettuce, Strawberries, Green Top Carrots, Broccoli Raab, Napa Cabbage

June 30-July 1-2
Fennel, Iceberg Lettuce, Green Top Carrots, Broccoli Raab, Kohlrabi, Napa Cabbage, Green Beans, Strawberries, Sugar Snap Peas

Friday, June 3, 2011

Menu for June 6-10

Monday--Hamburgers and rolls with all the extras, Baked beans, Curried pasta and fruit salad
Tuesday--Pork mushroom and barley pilaf, mixed green salad with baby bok choi, cranberry, apple and pear crisp
Wednesday--Vegetable and bean burrito, spinach salad, applesauce
Thursday--Ragout of Beef with carrots, parsnips, onions, and green garlic, Couscous with raisins, Persimmon Cake
Friday--Smoky Pasta soup, whole wheat rolls with jam, mixed green salad with apples

Monday- available soon
Tuesday- available soon
Wednesday- Radish soup and Grilled cheese sandwich
Thursday- Hot and spicy pork salad with Yukima savoy, arugula and spinach salad
Friday-Spinach rice pilaf with meatballs, green salad