Friday, April 22, 2011

The last week in April now onto May flowers.
The menu for this week is:

Monday-Beef Stew and chili corn muffins
Tuesday-Meatloaf with braised cabbage and fruit cup
Wednesday-Potato Corn Chowder with ramps and sorrel, Apple Cobbler
Thursday-Ham and Scalloped Potatoes and Baked Beans
Friday-Beef Fajitas with refried beans and brown rice.

Monday-Orange glazed Ham and nutty Couscous Salad
Tuesday-Indian style lentils, spinach salad
Wednesday-Beef Bourguignonne
Thursday-Pasta Primavera
Friday-Loin Pork Chops and barley salad

Have a great week-end and eat healthy and deliciously.


Laura R. said...

Thank you for posting your menus. I personally really enjoy reading what other people have planned out for the week.
And they look delicious! Nice job.

Chef Bonita said...

Thank you Laura. That encourages me to continue to post them.

brigitte said...

not just any ol' beef fajita... *oxtail* fajitas!!!!!!