Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Snow Showers bring...

It's still snowing!  We had to give up the field work today - the crew could no longer find the ramps on the hillside because the snow was getting so deep.

It's kind of a rude welcome to our crew from Mexico, but they are taking it in stride.  They are just like my dad (in AR), rubbing it in - "At home, it's hot & sunny and I'm in my shirtsleeves"

Like Michael said, as long as I don't have to shovel my driveway!  We are just tired of it - this winter wonderland is not as pretty in April as it is in December.  We got some onions transplanted into the field yesterday, but we're not sure when we'll get out again - this week's forecast does not look good for getting out while it's dry.  We'll have a new spring update newsletter posted soon, with updates on everything that has been going on!  Drive safe and stay warm-

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