Friday, April 10, 2009

Dirt Angel in the Sunchoke field

Last Friday we had a crew out in the sunchoke field, digging and picking up the overwintered sunchokes. It was a beautiful day for it & it seems most everybody was happy to be working out in the field again. Adam drove the machine that dug up the rows, with the crew following behind to pick up the sunchokes by hand and put them in buckets. Then the full buckets get dumped into the bins on the wagons. We store the sunchokes as is (dirty) in the bins, until they are ready to be packed.

I thought Adam was thrusting his arm in the dirt up to his elbow, checking the rows to make sure the machine was doing it's job (depth etc). But no, he was so dang happy to be outside, digging in the dirt, away from the shop where he'd been cooped up all winter. When I saw him later, at quitting time, he told me that I missed his dirt angels - he was so happy to be out there he laid on his back in the dirt & made angels. Spring fever?

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Lee said...

Thanks for the great pictures and post. This is our first year with Harmony Valley, and we're excited to see what we get. See you on 4/25 at Seward!