Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mystery Items

Last week's newsletter dealt with this issue quite well, but this is a picture of some of the "Mystery Items" you might find in your CSA box this week.

Because of the devastation of some crops with the rains in June, we haven't been able to harvest enough of single items to put in all our CSA boxes. For much of this season, we've had quite a few either/or items on our What's in the Box lists (sauté mix or arugula, cucumbers or summer squash, melon or raspberries, etc). This week we decided to call one of those either/ors our "Mystery Item". For our Twin Cities deliveries, you'll either get okra, tomatoes or raspberries. You'll also get leeks, petite green beans, edamame, Yukina savoy, two kinds of eggplant, two kinds of melon, cucumbers, summer squash or zucchini, salad mix, two kinds of peppers, sauté mix or arugula, and garlic.

Here are some photos from my walk through the field across the road. The okra flowers are so beautiful! I'm amazed with all these plants. Each bloom could (and probably will) become something delicious to eat.

We are waiting anxiously for our second plantings of so many crops to produce. This has been another weird growing season. Not that it's near over, but the days are getting noticibly shorter and I'm starting to plan a winter getaway.

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Greta said...

What a lovely picture! I really enjoyed the veggies this week - they were especially picturesque!