Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Final Summer Division Match-Up!

Yesterday we crowned Ramps as the champion in the Spring Vegetable Division, but today it is time to see who they will be competing against next – who will win the championship of the summer division? Both the Mini Sweet Peppers and Sungold Tomatoes chopped up their first competitors, but now that they are competing against one another, who will reign as the ultimate Summer Vegetable Division champion?

As you will recall the mouth-watering, sweet and adorable Mini Sweet Peppers are not small when it comes to flavor! These colorful peppers are unforgettably sweet when eaten raw or cooked.  Stuff these little ones with cheese and the competition seems almost non-existent – they are that good! Some of their relatives – the jalapeƱos –shared some words of advice, "Bring the heat!" We’ll see if it helps these sweet, crispy peppers bring home a victory for the Summer Vegetable Division.

Matching up against the Mini Sweet Peppers is the flavorful and succulent Sungold Tomatoes! These small tangerine-orange tomatoes pack an “intense fruity flavor” that is unlike any other tomato of the season! These are great when popped in your mouth or dried and saved for a special treat to enjoy in the winter. With the small size of these tomatoes, it’s evident that size will not be a determining factor in today’s match-up. The sungolds are hoping their intensity will carry them through to a win in today’s battle.

Who will top the leaderboard in the Summer Vegetable Division? Two bright and sun-shining competitors, but there can only be one winner. Let the game begin!

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