Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fall Vegetable Division Championship Match-Up

Yesterday’s match-up was inarguably a victory for the Mini Sweet Peppers! They were crowned as the leader of the Summer Vegetable Division and will go on to compete against the Ramps next Monday. Should be a great match-up!

Today we’re looking for the champion of the Fall Vegetable Division with the Sweet Potatoes taking on the Broccoli Romanesco. Let’s see how each of today’s competitors have prepared for this match-up:

The Sweet Potatoes have been cured by the wonderful heat and humidity of the greenhouse in order to bring the perfect sweetness to the table today. They’ve tried many different drills to ensure that they are ready for whatever greets them in this competition. Some are roasted, some have become fries, and some are pureed for a decadent piece of sweet potato pie. We’ll see if their preparations hold up against their competitors!

The Broccoli Romanesco is out of this world. As soon as this vegetable arrives to the match-up, you know it is going to bring a show that seems fit for a different planet! The intricate spirals prepared in a medley of stir-fried vegetables shows just how versatile this unique vegetable can be. I must say, in a bracket like this one that is a valuable trait to have! To help relax before the big match-ups, the Broccoli Romanesco also enjoys to be steamed and then mingled with a little pasta, garlic and olive oil. It looks as though the Broccoli Romanesco is really stepping up to the plate for this round.

Stay tuned to see who brings home the crown in the Fall Vegetable Division!

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