Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First round results and Second match line up!

Results after the First Match-up

At the end of the first match-up, ramps took an overwhelming lead right from the start and never looked back.  They beat out the overwintered spinach by an embarrassing margin. This does make me a little sad, as I do love both of them, I was hoping for a closer match.  I am also a little partial to the extra sweetness of the  overwintered spinach.  But, the votes are in and we move on to our next match-up in the Spring division!  

In this round, we have the ever versatile Kohlrabi. In is raw state it is has a crisp sweet and clean taste that can be eaten out of hand or shredded into a slaw (and so much more). Kohlrabi can also be cooked and adapts beautifully to cooking styles as different as Indian and German. Kohlrabi translates to 'cabbage-turnip' in German. As you can see in the picture below, it is also an exotic looking vegetable. Do not be intimidated by its bulbous stalk and collard-like green tops. You may think this is a root vegetable, but don't be fooled, that bulb you see grows above ground. 

And competing against the Kohlrabi we have the beloved Sugar Snap Peas.  At my house, these peas never make it to the front door from my garden.  Who can resist the sweet, fresh taste of a newly picked snap pea from the garden? Certainly not me, and I have no idea how the crew gets any back from the field for our CSA members at all.  Of course peas can also be cooked.  . . . . . .

So the big questions is, who will win today's match-up?

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