Monday, March 31, 2014

Final Match-Up for the Winter Vegetables

     It was an eventful weekend in terms of our vegetable bracket so before we jump into today’s big game, let’s recap the weekend events and look at our bracket below! In the battle between sweet potatoes and the honeynut butternut squash, sweet potatoes pulled ahead with the win. Broccoli romanesco and Brussels sprouts battled it out on Saturday but the broccoli romanesco pulled ahead with the ‘LIKES’. The weekend finished off with rutabagas nearly sweeping the board against the celeriac.

     Today we have our final match-up before the 8 elite vegetables start competing for the title of champion in our vegetable bracket. It’s another game of colors today with the Beauty Heart Radishes trying to out shine the Red Beets.  As all honorable matches start, let’s meet the competitors!

     The beauty heart radishes bring a crisp, colorful, sweet and mild kick to the table. Versatile, like many of the vegetable competitors, these vibrant radishes are great for both stir-frys and as on-the-go snacks with a veggie dip.  They also make a great topping for pizzas and salads! Beauty and Heart are exactly what these radishes are bringing to this match-up.

     Fighting the Beauty Heart Radishes we have the infamous Red Beets. These beets keep a few tricks up their sleeves – I mean leaves! Not only do they work great on salads and in soups, they also work wonders for fermenting and, shocking to some, are a hidden gem for many desserts! Chocolate beet cake anyone? It’s not easy to beat the beets, but today’s match-up will show us just how true that really is!

    So vegetable lovers, who is going to be our final competitor joining the elite 8 vegetables – the kicking beauty heart radishes or the unbeatable red beets? Head back to our Facebook page and place your vote!

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