Sunday, September 15, 2013

Come See the Farm for Yourself!

Earlier in the week we shared some of the wonderful aspects of the animals here on our farm. The pictures and stories are great, but nothing can match seeing them for yourself!  We’d like to invite you to our annual Harvest Party next Sunday, September 22nd – we’ll be taking wagon tours of our fields, having a potluck and pig roast, pumpkin picking and a variety of activities. This is a great opportunity to come out to your farm, see where our happy animals roam the pastures and hillsides, while also having a great day of fun. The party starts at noon and goes until 5pm. Bring the whole family! RSVP to let us know you’re coming and don’t forget to bring plates, utensils and something to contribute to the potluck! We (and our animals) hope to see you at the party and share all that the farm has to offer with you! 

Harvest Party - Picking Pumpkins!

Harvest Party - Picking Peppers in the Pepper Field!
Some of our beautiful fields and hillside pasture

Captain Jack and his Pumpkin!
Mama Goat and her babies - come see the goats at the party!

Our Angus cattle grazing on the lush grasses

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