Monday, June 20, 2011

menu for June 20-24

MONDAY-Grilled Flank Steak*Creamed Baby Turnips and Radishes*Onion Batter Bread*Fresh Grapes
TUESDAY-Pit cooked Goat*Tortillas*Vegetable Couscous*Green salad
WEDNESDAY-Vegetable Au Gratin*Fruited Quick Bread*Red and Green Leaf lettuce Salad with nuts, seeds, and creamy vinaigrette
THURSDAY-Beef and Vegetable Kabobs with mushrooms*Basil Rice with greens, almonds, raisins and garlic*Lettuce salad with citrus vinaigrette
FRIDAY-Lentals a Ditalini pasta with Ham*fresh green salad * Nectarines

Monday-test recipes for broccoli raab
Tuesday-Egg yolk raviolis and beef cheeks
Wednesday-Spare ribs with Kohlrabi batonnets
Thursday-Salmon patties, rice pilaf, steamed vegetables
Friday-Cajun beef wraps with sauteed onions, fruited Quinoa

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Jenny said...

Looking forward to eating more goat!