Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring greens, nettles, sorrel, and spinach-yum

This week we are utilizing spring greens in the salads, galettes, and soups.

Menu for May 9-13
Monday-Chili corn chowder, Corn and ramp muffins, Sunchoke salad, Spinach salad
Tuesday-Szechuan BBQ pork, Mashed parsnips, Sauteed spinach and ramps
Wednesday-Black bean pot with sweet potatoes, Brown rice, Baked pears with dates
Thursday-Spicy porcipine meatballs, Roasted vegetables, Red cabbage and apple slaw
Friday- Tomatillo Pork soup, Brown rice, Corn tortillas, Apple muffins

Monday-Citrus pork chops with couscous
Tuesday-Falafel pita with carrot salad
Wednesday-Sirloin roast, Beets with horseradish sauce, Mashed potatoes with roasted ramps
Thursday-Ham steak, Galettes of Spring greens with Brebis cheese, (sorrel, nettles, spinach)
Friday-Tuna Penne in a creamy vegetable sauce, Watercress and orange salad

Have a great week and eat with the seasons bounty

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Manisha said...

Your menu looks really fantastic! Please keep posting because it gives me encouragement and inspiration.