Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can you smell the dirt?

Planting soil
Apparently today is the first day of meteorological spring, so happy day!

The greenhouse is hot, humid and starting to fill up.

Planting Perennial Lupine

We are renovating some fields this year and making landscape improvements, including habitat plantings for birds and native pollinators.  Today Hector (Tito) is planting trays of Perennial Lupine flowers for transplant later in the spring.  Word is that these are difficult to establish so we'll start them in the greenhouse and move them into the ground, along with other meadow flowers, shrubs and trees.  Butterflies and bumble bees love them!
Lots of pregnant goats

 Marvin Jr, our billy goat, was busy this fall and it looks like we have 10 pregnant females.

We successfully kept him penned until early November, so hopefully we'll have 100% live births & survival.  Last year we lost three newborns because they came too early and couldn't survive the cold.  Hopefully our nannies will wait until a warm April day to have kids.

  I walked into the greenhouse today expecting to take some pictures of little tiny green things poking up out of the soil.  Amazingly, we have 4-inch tall onions already!  Apparently they had a growth spurt this weekend.

Nursery greenhouse tables
 CSA sign ups are coming in steadily - about 30 envelopes a day!  We hope to sell out in the Twin Cities area again this season, which will justify (and help pay for) our new, slightly larger truck.  The old Mack requires a lot of maintenance and spare parts are nearly obsolete.

Sadly, we've heard from a couple families in WI that will be negatively affected by the governor's budget plans.  We feel for you and we hope all of our CSA members remember that CSA is a really good value, not only in purely dollars and cents, but as a reflection of your values and in valuing and respecting the earth.  You still have to eat, right?  Keep CSA in your budget!  Feed your family well, with our delicious, nutritious, organic, hand picked, hand packed CSA selections!

Germination test trays
Tito planting lupine
 Get your CSA sign ups to us this week and we'll honor the discounted pre-March 1 pricing!

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