Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Night Dinners

Over the last few weeks, I have really enjoyed Thursday night dinners! Cooking dinner for Richard, Andrea, Terri, myself, and a few guests here and there have been a blast. It's been a great way to play with recipes for the newsletters.

Seared Jack Fish that Richard and Andrea caught in Costa Rica with scallopini squash, green beans, tomatoes, and salsa verde. On the side, a cucumber, carrot, arugula, and beet salad with grilled bread. And of course some wine :)

Smoked trout with beet, potato, zucchini pancake, clonboo cheese, veggies, and creamy dill sauce. We also had peach gazpacho. Andrea and Tom getting excited to eat!!!

"Katie's Window in the Morning" What a view!!! Notice the hummingbird. I'm a lucky gal!!


Lisa said...

What's going on in your window? You have vases and bottles and glasses of water with fruits and veggies sitting in the opening. Is this decoration or does it serve a purpose or both? I love the way it looks.

Katie Routh said...

Hi Lisa!
Richard and Andrea bring me presents (veggies) from the field and I decided to display them. The vases are actually empty with the vegetables sitting on top. You should try it at home and when you want a tasty veggie or fruit, just grab it off the vase:)

tom said...

as a batchelor these food shots always kill me,blessings tom