Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Barn dance!

I'm glad to see that so many people came out to enjoy some juicy tasty berries last week. For those of you who just can't get enough Harmony Valley, or for those of you who were unfortunately unable to make it to Strawberry Day on the 21st (I fall into this group), don't forget about our upcoming BARN DANCE next weekend, Saturday, July 11th! This is a big deal, because it is the only Saturday the whole season we aren't at the Dane County Farmers Market.
Join us at 2:00 for field tours, followed by a potluck dinner, and then dancing until the cows come home... or whenever.
We'd love to see you here! Don't forget to keep the "C" in your CSA. Take some time to relax, enjoy some good food and music, and meet the people who have been growing your tasty veggies! Check out our website and click on "events" if you'd like a little more info.

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