Sunday, March 2, 2008

Update from the Greenhouse

Wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on growth in the greenhouse. Hector, Simon, and Alejandro planted more shallots and started on the red cipollini last Thursday. We moved the green onions that were planted first off the heat table since they are strong enough to survive on their own now. They are growing like crazy...they literally look kind of crazy! Pretty soon we are going to have to trim them up a bit so they don't get too gangly. Monday we are going to move more onions off the heat table and fill more trays. Tuesday they will plant the rest of the red cipollini onions, and hopefully by Thursday will be able to finish the shallots. That should be it for the alliums, and then we'll move on to celeriac.

Even though there is still snow on the ground and we're supposed to get freezing drizzle tonight, we thought we might as well get into our spring/summer routine of checking out the fields on the weekends. So, we tromped out to the garlic field and Richard just couldn't resist the temptation to dig down and see what he could find. Let me tell you--he has skill. He picked a random spot, dug out the snow, stuck his finger in the ground to see if it was frozen and when he pulled out the dirt (which was not frozen) he also pulled out some roots. He just happened to have dug in right next to one of the garlic cloves. So, we can report that all looks well in the garlic field. The clove we observed had nice strong roots and a sprout starting to develop.

We also checked out the beaver dam--didn't see any activity, but could see evidence thereof. They sure have been busy cutting down trees and eating the bark off their winter stick stash. Guess they'll be ready to move downstream in the spring.
That's it from the farm. Have a great week!

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