Monday, February 25, 2008

Check out the February Greenhouse Parade

I wanted to update everyone on the growth in the greenhouse. Over the weekend we started seeing little onions start to poke their green little shoots out of the soil. At first it starts as just a few here and there--you sometimes have to look really hard to find them. We have continued to uncover them during the day so they don't get too hot when the sun comes out, but we cover them with their blanket at night to trap in heat and keep them warm. One of the most exciting times of the day is when you roll back the cover in the morning and get to see what's been happening all night. Well, this morning we discovered little Bianca joined us in our world--bianca is an Italian variety of early white cipollini onion that we usually harvest as green top instead of dried. Rossa lunga di frienzze is another Italian onion (purple scallion) that decided to make an appearance today. We also have Red Goddess, Ishikura, Nabechan, and Oasis--all early scallions. My favorite picture of the day was the one I'm going to attempt to post. I think it is amazing to see the little shoots, which seem so fragile and delicate, exert enough strength to push up the ground above them as they grow. So what you are seeing here is our little Parade onions pushing through and lifting up the soil that covered them and kept them warm. Cheers from the Harmony Valley Farm Greenhouse--Stay tuned for the latest updates! Andrea

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