Friday, April 4, 2014

Winter Division Championship Round!

We are officially crowning the Sweet Potatoes the Fall Vegetable champion, and let me tell you that Jack is eager for their next battle.  We had to hold him back, as we need to crown a Winter division champion first. As we draw to an end next week, we have decided that we will allow the vegetables to rest and recuperate over the weekend.  After today's battle, we will start up the Final Four match ups on Monday with Ramps vs. Mini Sweet Peppers. Then on Tuesday the Sweet Potatoes are going to try to mash up the winner of today's match. Here are the current standings.

As you may remember, the Rutabaga shredded the Celeriac in the first winter round. After that dicing, we are eager to see who will win in this match-up. These root beauties are considered a solid vegetable that stores well for a long period of time.  To help with their sweetness, we leave them in the field until after the first light frost to make them even better than the waxy ones you'll find in the store.  If you would rather have a Shepard's pie with a mashed Rutabaga topping, 'LIKE' our Facebook post today to root for the Ruties team.

In the first Winter match-up, The Red Beets sliced up the Beauty Heart Radishes to take the win.  But can they do it again against the Rutabaga's or will the beets get beat? We have the beets, we have the beets, we have the beets, yaahhh, we have them! The beets have come to this match-up with a quick win in mind. They are so versatile and colorful, it seems an unfair advantage in the looks department.  But they are not just a pretty vegetable, they also have a wide variety of uses from salads to desserts and everything in between. To show your love for these red beauties, 'SHARE' our photo on Facebook today!

So, who will come out as the hottest vegetable in today's dish?  Only you can decide.

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