Monday, April 6, 2009

April in the Nursery Greenhouse

First Farmer's Market in two weeks (April 18!).
First CSA delivery in 4 weeks - May 7/8/9!

Simone and María spent a couple days transplanting celeriac. Delicate work! Celeriac is started in the 1020 trays (theoretically 10 rows with 20 seeds each row, but we plant more thickly than that) and then when the seedlings are big and strong enough, they are transplanted into the "200" trays (200 individual cells). We use the 1020 trays mostly for germ testing, but also for other crops with tiny seeds, such as tomatoes.

You can't really tell yet, but these trays on the heat table will soon be tomatoes!

Good looking lettuce germ test.

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