Saturday, February 7, 2009

February at the Farm

Gerardo, Simone, Hector & Michael had a better day for willow harvest yesterday. It was way warmer than last week, when they had to go out in -5 degree weather! That day, they couldn't even turn off the tractor in the field for fear that they wouldn't get it started again. They are working on the curly willow now & waiting for the pussy willow to bloom. They cut it in the field and put it on a wagon pulled behind the tractor. Then it goes into the greenhouse where it will be trimmed and bunched and then moved to the allium cooler until it's time to take to market.

There isn't much more time to use the greenhouses for cleaning or storing items, as we expect to have them set up & ready to grow soon!

Ezequiel (driving the skid steer), Adam and Michael did some repair to the nursery greenhouse and set up the tables inside. The black hose will carry warm water to keep the seed tray soil warm, for good seed germination. Adam (with the beard) is our resident animal expert & helped white mama goat give birth the other day. Adam says that the kids imprinted on him right away so they'll probably be friendly with people.

The little kids remind me of puppies at this point, wagging their tails and tripping all over their gangly selves.

Yes, Andrea is yelling at that rooster. He makes her so mad when he hassles the hens, brutally pecking the feathers right off their backs! We have too many roosters so he better shape up or he will be shipped out. Andrea keeps warning him, but he's rather incorrigible.

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Anonymous said...

You tell him, Andrea! And if that doesn't work I have an excellent recipe for chicken.
Pam ;-)