Thursday, October 11, 2007

Soil tests!

Soil tests are back and look surprisingly good! We had fears of fertility washed out with the 26" of rain in August, but appears that despite an observible loss of soil, the fertility stayed put or was actually concentrated. Soil organic matter was up slightly, .1 to .2% on soils ranging from as low as 2.2 to 3.9% organic matter. CEC, Cation Exchange Capacity, the ability of any soil to hold nutrients was up also when compared to last years tests. Most nutrients were slightly up to constant from previous years, except the very water soluble nutrients that seem to require yearly additions, calcium, sulphur, Manganese and boron. The bottom line is that soil mineral needs will be the same as last year, about $10,000 worth of gypsum with traces of manganese and boron, $20,000 worth of compost with our usual addition of kelp and sea minerals to supply the rest of the trace and rare elements needed for healthy plants and healthy people.

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